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IT & Data Rooms


For any business, the data centre holds all the crucial information as the heart of the company. It is vital that protection is in place to prevent damage from heat or flames. Our data centres, IT & server rooms are built to the highest specification for fire protection and are of bespoke design. They can be small enclosures for individual units or large areas for multiple systems.

For data manufacturing, the importance to GMP regulations for sensitive components is paramount. The standards of the facility should have the same requirements as a food preparation or drug manufacturing plant to ensure the accuracy in manufacturing delicate components.


We construct high integrity fire rated rooms which have the insulation required for heat emitting from the servers and can hold fire protection from 60 minutes to 4 hours. Our clean rooms, either small units or large manufacturing areas comply with GMP standards.


We use Rockwool Fire Rated panels in a variety of thickness to provide the required protection and maintain the correct temperature for heat emitting servers to walls and ceilings expertly installed with aluminium flashings.

For the clean roms, we use Polyinsurate (PIR) panels for walls and ceilings expertly installed with clean-safe aluminium flashings and ceiling suspension (if required) suitable for High Care & Low Care Manufacturing Facilities.


We offer fully insulated fire rated doors with matching insulation. Our insulated doors, manufactured in house and can be gas tight using matching u-value insulation to ensure temperature regulating and dust prevention.


Our fresh air ventilation systems ensure that heat is managed inside the enclosure. The latest technology is sourced to offer you the most cost effective and energy efficient equipment available.


We provide a variety of flooring including non-slip flooring with hygienic wall protection and any required drainage to suit your design and need.   


We provide full Mechanical and Engineering services for your data rooms to suit your requirements. Click here for more information on M&E services.

 Electrics & Lighting:

Our experienced electrical division advise, design and install all aspects of your electrical requirements from, remote controlled energy effiicient LEDs, dust prevention fittings, ethernet cabeling, & trunking all Compliant with the required specifications of the facilitiy. We also offer external security lighting, mains power supply and distribution. Click here for more information.


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